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Following the Moon 10.23

FOLLOWING THE MOON 10.23.14 It is the frequency of the new moon that causes us to begin again! And here it is with the new moon in Scorpio and coin...

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Stressed Mess? Relax More! Live Bet...

Stress Kills! And we all know it; however we choose to get sucked in and succumb to the pressures of every day life and if we are not careful we will ...

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Celebration Time! No Matter What!??...

Divine Blessings and Greetings to each of you, today, this day where life IS happening!! So much is winding down as we move...

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Blessings and greetings everyone! I am believing all is well with each of you and sending the Energy from here! Each day we have an opportunity to...

Following the Moon 10.23


It is the frequency of the new moon that causes us to begin again! And here it is with the new moon in Scorpio and coincides with the Lunar Samhain, the time where we are dipping into the darkness of the season. How do we choose to enhance further our practice and our Power? It is only thru our continuing practice that we find our Truth, our Power and our True Purpose! This purpose can seem so very far away, yet we know we are on task and on target because we are reading all the signs and seeing, clearly, the symbols that source is always sending…are we receiving becomes the question!
So often we forget about the restoration that as women is so very important. Our Yin energy needs to be honored with our personal time outs and these time outs can be in the form of our sitting, walking, breathing and bathing practices.

Most of the women I encounter are frazzled. They are over committed and under appreciated. They have a to do list that is pages long yet they are really not accomplishing anything other than…over committing.
I believe this desire to be all things to all beings is detrimental in many ways. We are not taking the time to restore our wisdom and remember why we choose the kids, the career, the home, the marriage, the journey in the first place! Today lets begin again our 21 days to creating better.

Self-love and forgiveness is key. You must love yourself whole now. (be on the call “moving from self-loathing to self-loving next month!) This lack of self-love is at the core of all the societal ills we are witnessing in full force. We are choosing to override and overcome our self with our new found focus and determination toward shift.
Look in the mirror and mantra:
I like myself
I like myself 50-100 times each day…and the mantra I love myself!
We continue to restore and renew with our nourishment! High quality breath, water and food each day. Cut out the crap! Is a new teaching coming in 2015 where we will be looking into what we are filling our body, mind and spirit with! Start today!!

Choose this breath and let it be expansive and circulate within your entire being.
drink more water! Take in 1L for every 50 lbs each day! Be on the call and learn to “supercharge your Water!”
Incorporate more veggies and fruit by starting your day with a “super smoothie” every morning. You can even make it the night before and put it in a togo and grab and GO!! Here is one of my favorites
1c spinach
1 banana
1c blueberries
½ avocaco
Add some cinnamon and cocoa powder and maybe some honey! (not too much)
Add water and blend! You can make this in your blender
Take a 20 minute nap! Even large corporations are recognizing the power of the NAP and 20 mins is all you need; I like to put on my eye mask and my earbuds with some mind expanding music. I always recognize the natural energy dip into delicious nappiness and the increase of energy that allows me to know its time to rock my afternoon!
Take a bath!! Use Epsom salts (more on Magnesium Magic coming in the new teachings!) and essential oils like lavender or orange; both have relaxation and brightening qualities.
Get good sleep. At 51 I am challenged at times with sleep deprivation! Thank fully I have a wonderful nighttime routine that keeps me comfortable, relaxed even if I am not sleeping! This teaching will share how to reset the circadian rhythm and allow you to get the zZZZZZZ’s you desire!
So let’s begin this next 3 weeks with a new desire to Restore and Reclaim our Power so we can create a more amazing life that is truly fulfilling. Living the life we love and leaving the loathing behind!

Stressed Mess? Relax More! Live Better

Stress Kills! And we all know it; however we choose to get sucked in and succumb to the pressures of every day life and if we are not careful we will explode. Literally and figuratively!

This lifetime is filled with stressful events and our ability to manage stress is key. This stress management comes in many forms. Today I address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of being stressed out! You can feel it. The blood rushing thru your ears, heart pounding, muscles tensing, like a cat ready to pounce OR be pounced upon!

That is the problem! You are just trying to get to work and are stuck in traffic. Or you are just trying to make it thru another tedious meeting with a co worker who loves to expound prolifically on all the things you already know!


These are every day stresses  have become magnified so greatly that we are living at what is called the “STRESS RESPONSE.” The stress response is our bodies natural way of fighting or flighting. Usually neither are appropriate; but tell our reptilian brain that!

Our body is complete with two systems: the sympathetic and the para-sympathetic both are part of the Autonomic Nervous System. These systems  dance beautifully when in balance. Something comes us and our sympathetic system kicks in and we are on the move defending our space, slapping someone’s face and moving out of that place!

The parasympathetic system is what is leading the way when we are in what is called the “RELAXATION RESPONSE.” It is in charge of digestion, and elimination. So important if we are to take in food, assimilate and keep what will nourish the body, and eliminate, get rid of all those toxins!

It is the “rest and digest” portion of our nervous system. I find that when people who are not eliminating every day they are more stressed and not digesting food properly. This leads to a whole other host of stresses for our body.

The relaxation response is how we rest fully and restore our body to balance and is the benefit of our daily practice of breath, gratitude, self love, connection, movement and nourishment.

When we are ruled by the stress response we are both tired and wired. Our adrenals begin to shut down and we can not, no matter how we try, relax and enjoy our life.  We are constipated, unable to eliminate not just the byproducts of our body; but stuck in jobs we hate, relationships that don’t feed us, and soon we are wondering why our blood pressure is sky high and we are rapidly aging.

The pressures of life continue to mount and soon we are at a crisis! But fear not!! A crisis is a “dangerous opportunity” will you heed the call today to begin to feed your parasympathetic system and restore balance within and witness life getting better?

Of course we use our simple practice! Breath, gratitude, self love, connection-where we are incorporating 3-90 second breath work moments in our life-every day!

1. Increase  hydration!  Drink 1-liter of water for every 50lbs of weight AND don’t forget to supercharge your water with your intentions!

2. Move!! 90 seconds of movement every hour we are awake! Just stand and stretch!! You will immediately feel better!!

3. Decrease sugar and increase high quality protein!! I will devote a whole week to the Wholeness Practices which includes all about Nourishment!!

4. Take a hot Epsom salt bath every night!  Make it a ritual with candles and you can use lavender oil for more relaxation. The Epsom salts are high in magnesium which is nature’s nervene. It promotes relaxation of the body and of the veins and arteries. It is impossible to get as much as we need, as we are highly deficient as a society, orally. And a bath is a great way to connect to yourself, your spouse and or your Source!

5. Switch OFF the technology at 6pm! NO more emailing, texting, or interneting!! The blue screen of our technology stimulates the sympathetic system and is devastating to our sleep cycle! If you haven’t gotten it done by 6pm leave it until tomorrow!! Enjoy the company of the people in the same house/room as you!!

6. Get to bed by 10pm!! The most beneficial sleep is between 10pm and 2am! Especially for women! We must rest, restore our hormonal balances between these times. If not our endocrine system continues to be stressed and at some point it is impossible to re balance this on our own.

7. Sleep in a dark room! No TV, no computer! Dark means dark! I use an eye mask! This helps with the distribution of Melatonin- a key component in deep, restorative sleep.

8. Practice the sympathetic/parasympathetic re-balancing technique:

And most important be kind today! To yourself and everyone else.

With Gratitude and Joy,








Celebration Time! No Matter What!??

Divine Blessings and Greetings to each of you, today, this day where life IS happening!!

So much is winding down as we move toward the next Equinox and I am here to remind
you to begin your harvest celebration! Oh what we have to celebrate in this lifetime,
no matter what may be occurring! We celebrate!!

Some of us are experiencing the delicious nature of grief and dipping into the
reminder of the temporary nature of all things. Celebrate YOUR grief.

Some of us are experiencing the delicious nature of fear and seeking a safe haven
in which to cultivate some peace of mind. Celebrate YOUR fear.

Some of us are experiencing the delicious nature of discontentment and uncertainty
in how to move forward and manifest something even better in our lives. Celebrate YOUR
discontent! Celebrate your uncertainty!

All of it is worth celebrating; this type of celebrating is personal, private and proactive. Use your
simple practice as your template for celebrating exactly where you are NOW!

I know when something Divine is occurring for myself, because of the nature
of grief, fear and discontentment I experience needs my attention. The attention
I open up to allows me to move within and beyond and to keep the energy in motion.

“The dog barks and the caravan moves on.”

The realization that it is just our turn and why not, when life’s lessons present
for us this array of emotion…energy in motion… and thru this realization we become
present for life’s lessons. (ouch)

I love to think of the time when I was soooo ensconced in my own misery, grief, addiction and wondering
why oh why was I the one who was depressed, overweight, sad all the time? Everyone else
seemed so “together”

My journey within began when a friend began to point out all the times I spoke in a negative
manner about myself or others. It opened my eyes WIDE!

I learned to language my life differently. I learned to breath and be willing to be different, I had to
surrender to the impermanent fearful nature of this life and all the emotions, energy in
motion, that come along for our ride.

By cultivating a mind practice I began to have a better life experience and it continues
to expand today! But only if I maintain my peace of mind, body and soul. It takes daily
commitment and dedication. My practice supports me thru those windy roads, gratefully so.

So as we begin to access the harvest time within and without-HOW to celebrate becomes the
question. In this culture we have not been taught to connect, be grateful and allow blessings
to rain down upon us. We move into guilt, shame, grief, blame, worry, criticism and do not
believe we are worthy of something better.

You are worthy. You get choose your experience with every conscious breath.
Where you are vibrating within will be how you experience without. You created all of it! Take a
bow; joyfully accept where you are now, and spiral upward.


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Blessings and greetings everyone!
I am believing all is well with each of you and sending the Energy from here!

Each day we have an opportunity to begin again. Often times we forget we are the master of our MIND; we forget
that on many levels and the forgetting of it is detrimental to creating a more fabulous miraculous life!

We create peace of mind, well being, greater health and happiness by choosing to do so. One of our
greatest gifts is the gift of Free Will. What we choose to do with this gift from Source is again ours to choose.
Often times it is too overwhelming to think about! It is easier to continue to struggle.

The opposite of struggle is to SURRENDER! Imagine what it is like to
relax, enjoy, be in the flow, and from this relaxed point become more
effective! The Tao teaches non-doing, from this point all things are done!

Choose a time in your day where you can just be. NO doing, just being; we begin with
“simple practice” as those of you who have taken the 7 Days and 7 Ways to Feel Fabulous teaching, we begin, again,
very small and simple, with 3 micro-meditation practices each day. (the edited audio version IS on its way! for the
next group!)

This allows the mind to clear and unload all the fearful, toxic thoughts that are there and open each of us up to the realm of the Infinite.

In the Realm of the Infinite all things are possible! And things begin to make
sense, even in a nonsensical world!

A few gentle daily reminders:

begin with breath and go within-imagine being relaxed and in the flow
before you get out of bed!
take time for the grace and the connection to the Infinite
Move into
gratitude: thank you, thank you, thank you-if it is the only prayer we ever
say it is enough
self love: see yourself as successful today and love yourself-and each of
your loved ones as moving out there and home safely with success! (no matter
hydrate! Nourish yourself with high quality breath, water and food!
(more about that on next weeks call!!)
movement! 90 seconds of movement every hour you are awake
continue your journey within fearlessly and in love


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Take time just for you each day
you will be more available for all those who need and love

With Infinite Love and gratitude!

Rev. Lisa Giroux
Wholistic Spiritual Mentor
Loving the journey!8-)

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What are the Universal Laws?

Infinite Love and Gratitude to you today! I am so very excited to be able to share this powerful teaching of the Universal Laws-which are the third pillar of our Spiritual House.

We will discuss them in order and in detail for my next several radio shows 11:30 am mst Tues/Thurs


We begin with the Law of Vibration. Vibration is the frequency within which all things vibrate. At the core we are all this frequency at one time and our desire is to now raise that Vibe!! Simple awareness is where we begin each day!magnifiscant mother nature clouds


Narry A Discouraging Word?

more joy, joy joy!Infinite Love and gratitude to you today! I believe we are continuing to choose better for our selves each day thru our thoughts and our new beliefs! But what about when we really have a discouraging day?

We often forget that life is a spiral. We will spiral up and we will spiral down. One of the best ways to manage these spirals is thru our practice! Of course!!

As we witness our discouragement, distress, our dis-ease we are dis engaging from it. This is the point of power for each of us to really, really witness, watch how we are in the spiral at this moment.

This will take the sting out of our momentary lapse in our feeling of emPowerment. We have to do our best during these times of distress to manage our physical being and make sure we are well hydrated, we have had enough high quality protein, and that we are breathing, being grateful (ouch) and loving ourself thru this challenging time.

It is NOT easy; but it is simple. Back to breath, begin again.

I will chat about these times tomorrow on the radio show! 11am mst at;

I will be taking your calls too! 760.888.5766

MIND, Body and Beyond! Better Brain Behavior: Sleep Practice



Spring has sprung!

Infinite love and gratitude to YOU today, and each day as we continue to ramp up our practice we are now recognizing the importance of and the benefit of better brain behavior each day! Good sleep is important for our beloved brains! Loving our brain better causes great sleep!

Sleep often alludes us. It becomes a practice of not sleeping rather than sleeping. During sleep we are restoring, rejuvenating and resetting our mind, body and moving toward feeling fantastic  each day.

What if we are plagued by insomnia? It certainly seems possible that we are ruled and fooled by our mind into not sleeping, regularly and sleeping well.

All we have to do is go in to any store and we can see dozens of pills to take for better sleep; but at what price? Are we really sleeping or do they cause just a drugged space where we are not able to restore, reset, rest and rejuvenate?

Sleep is key to great health, and just one night without good sleep effects us! Studies show that sleepy drivers are as dangerous as drunk drivers! So what is this lack of sleep doing to our every day life and how can we feel fantastic if we are sleep deprived?

So here are a few tips on creating a “Sleep Practice” and how to intend to sleep well. I invite you to listen to the radio show today 4.22.14 as I went into great length about the importance of good and regular sleep.


question: Are you willing to be a good sleeper?

mantra: I AM a good sleeper, I am a good sleeper, I am a good sleeper…all through out the day

increase your calcium and magnesium-we are opening up to the realization of the importance of minerals!

take a hot magnesium bath with lavender

sleep Mocktail:  combine and blend: raw pumpkin seeds, 1T honey, cinnamon, nutmeg with milk or water,  blend and  enjoy before bed

unplug and switch off  at 6pm: connect to yourself and your loved ones: try for 1 week get everyone involved and allow yourself to be embraced and nurtured by your loved ones and you loving practice! PUT everyone’s technology into a basket until tomorrow and enjoy some real connection. Play games, cook together, walk and more importantly talk and look into each others eyes and hearts!

make sure you are exercising every day 20 mins or as simple practice dictates 90 seconds every hour that you are awake; do a mini yoga practice or Pilates before bed to unleash that excess stress release endorphins and create that necessary energy needed for sleep!

journal: 5+ I am grateful for and what I am releasing as you are surrendering to sleep

sleep in a dark room: create the ritual every night as you lower the lights; let go of the blue light! we need the dark of night so we can heal!

sleep in a cool room 60-64 degrees (helps burn calories too!!)

use earplugs and eye masks; snore stoppers, white noise, or anything else to help you continue to sleep well

Remember it takes energy to sleep; hence the “sleep mocktail” it gives our blood sugar balance and gives us the energy required to perform all the restoration and resetting we need each night!!

Good luck! I welcome you comments!

I would love to share more of this work! Lets schedule a conversation and see how I can best serve your unique, beautiful desires. ILG




Coocoo for Coconut Oil!

daffodiles 1Energetic Life Strategies

Mind Body and Beyond

Rev. Lisa Giroux



April 17, 2014


I love the coconut oil! You may say I am “nuts” for coconut oil and I use it for many, many things in my home. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride, and contains lauric acid, what this means for you is it is anti-inflammatory, increases metabolism, raises HDL or good cholesterol, feeds the brain, and is a great inner lubricant.

Coconut oil has  been used in tropical paradises all over the globe for millennia, we are now fortunate to be able to procure this precious oil no matter where we live allowing this long held secret to benefit us. This oil has a rich sumptuous flavor and is enjoyable in many different ways; you can use it every day and have the benefits work for you!

Recent studies have shown that coconut oil may help with brain cognition because of its beneficial fat content. Beneficial fats are quickly getting the recognition and respect they deserve because of their health affirming properties especially regarding brain behavior as studies have shown increasing cognition and slowing down dementia  (see

Around the home I slather coconut on toast, put it  in smoothies, baking, all my sauteeing and more. I keep some in the bath for skin and hair care, and I practice oil pulling. Oil pulling is an Ayurveda practice of swishing oil in the mouth for up to 30 minutes. It is also practiced in many different cultures with the oil of the region. I use 1t of coconut oil and swish for as long as I can. Then spit it out. What this does is pulls out the toxins and bacteria in the mouth promoting a cleaner mouth.

On the skin it really helps with high altitude living. It is  antioxidant rich and is high in vitamin E which have skin protective properties. I use it every day and night on my skin and in my hair. It leaves both skin and hair feeling luxurious because of the high emollient content and deeply moisturizes both.  The body will absorb the antioxidants also promoting more beautiful skin.

Under the Beautiful Grandmother Blood Moon

moon glow first full moon of new ageWelcome “Grandmother Moon” and a powerful blood moon to boot. I was able to enjoy the eclipse energy and had my crystals out, super charged “moon” water; drummed, danced and delighted under beauty of that Divine lunar energy.

During our Powerwoman’s Brunch on Sunday; we recognized our power to create something wonderful thru the full moon energy; we are choosing to continue to open up our peace of mind, well being and better daily practice and hold that space of love, not fear, about the energetic shifts Mother Earth continues to make.

We witness and recognize Peace on earth thru choosing Peace of mind each day. Surrendering those illusions, the “lunacy” so much of the planet are subscribing to by standing in our compassion, comfort, consent and creating a “conspiracy” of like minded souls to surround our self with. Letting all the rest go!

The full moon energy today calls for ceremony, for ritual! How will you create ceremony today? Our daily rituals matter and keep us connected to the Divine, Source, Universe, God force and we can create a new ritual by following our intuition.

In this culture many of us do not have the old traditions to follow; and we are longing for it. We mask it with a million tiny distractions, This longing is something within us we are all able to relate too. By creating Simple Ritual-thru our Simple Practice we begin to soothe that longing and open up to something greater, mysterious, yet very much known and recognizable.

Stay open to your Power, Speak your Truth, kindly, allow Source to flow to you and thru you right at this moment in time where this life is happening.

I welcome you sharing your Simple Ceremony of the full moon today

YOUR Brilliance IS Showing! 3 Ways We can unfold our Brilliant Nature

What is Brilliance? Well for me it is a wonderful word that I love to use in describing many things and many ways of being in this world. I remember my “brilliant” Irish friend “Mad Misch” She use brilliant to describe everything. The way we skied, played, drank, laughed were all met with her heavy Irish broag “oh Chaz, that’s brilliant!” and I believed her!

As we mature, as we gain wisdom we are becoming more brilliant! We are gaining light in our body thru our frequency and our vibration. We are shining stars in our world and to the people in our lives, if we choose. Or we can continue to be dull, dull, dull!

I remember my mother describing a man as beige…I asked why beige? She said Oh you know, just beige. She was speaking of someone who may not have been witnessing his own brilliance! How often do we just go thru life being beige and are fearful to shine our light.

As many of you know I had a bit of a problem with substances! Fifteen years without alcohol now; but for a time the drugs and alcohol really worked. They let me access, simply, what was already there. The problem occurs, however, because the substances take over and completely dull us, and some of us for life.

So why do we find our Brilliance so uncomfortable? Why are we not supporting and encouraging our little ones to express their brilliant nature, naturally and for a life time?

Well fear, of course, and ego too. Often times our dreams were squelched because our parents want to “protect” us from the cruelty of the world. But what if the squelching of these dreams is the cruelest act of all and if we were all supported in our brilliance we could shift the entire planet!

So how do we remember our brilliant nature? well SIMPLY of course. It becomes a journey of 100,000 breaths, and a journey of new belief that it IS possible!!

So hang on! Here we go, GOING within to where it is all happening.

The 3 steps toward our Brilliance!

step 1: In order to expand toward our brilliance we MUST cultivate our peace of mind practice! I call this the “Simple Practice” and it promotes “better brain behavior” With better brain behavior thru our simple practice we have a better life experience! So this is our FOUNDATION practice of breathwork or meditation. The simple practice begins with 3-90 second mini meditation periods. Each day, everyday, from now on.

Begin by getting comfortable. Spine straight.  Close your eyes. Automatically our brain begins to produce the Alpha waves that cause relaxation-JUST BY CLOSING OUR EYES!

 Breath with awareness IN, expand the belly, OUT, contract the belly. That is it. Thoughts will come, thoughts will go, just watch the thoughts, do not become attached to any, just continue to let go with each exhalation. That is it!

Step 2: Imagine yourself as successful in all you are choosing todo. “Imagination is MORE important than knowledge” Einstein taught. What happened to that amazing gift of using our imagination?  In these mini-meditation periods we are holding a vibration of success in all we are wanting. As I taught in my “Spiritual Success” (download it for free from the website!) teaching we are seeing, believing, and FEELING ourself as successful.

What is success? Well it is anything we want and we act as if it alreadyIS! We are sending out this success message into the Universe where it is matched, always, and then we align to it thru feeling the frequency of what it is and then we have to take the time to receive it. This time is during our meditation/breathwork/being practice.

Perceive the energy within you.  It may be gentle waves, maybe colors, deep relaxation, comfort, tears, you will know it, anchor yourself to that feeling, this is your Brilliant nature awakening.

Step 3:  BE GRATEFUL! As taught in my foundation program “The Simplicity of Spirituality” Our gratitude practice is the first pillar to our spiritual house. Why gratitude again? Because gratitude is the quickest way to feel better and the chemical response by the body to our gratitude practice causes us to feel this brilliance. We begin to feel as if all things are possible and we remember this feeling and hold it in our breath practice. It then begins to expand.

Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies we can access on our way to enLightenment. Gratitude is enlightenment and the more grateful we are the more feel good chemicals we will release causing better brain behavior, causing us to feel better, think better, experience better and give us a glimpse into our own personal Brilliance! It is simple-will you choose?

So begin today, NOW, take this moment: Get comfy, close your eyes, breath thru your energetic channel, release down to the core of the earth, breath back in, up the energetic channel and out to the Universe, breath back in and repeat for 90 seconds. Just be fully present and here, now.

You are on your way to expansion in all ways beneficial!

I would love to help you learn even more teaching, tools and techniques to continue to unfold to you Brilliant Nature.

Call to book your private WHolistic Spiritual Mentoring session TODAYW! the doors and windows of santa fe 3