Moving into Mastery: 7 ways to Greater Health, Happiness and Wealth

0522151014hMoving into Mastery: 7 ways to greater Wellness, Happiness, and YOUR Power to Prosper!

What is an important gift you can give yourself?
The gift of living a stress free life you LOVE! Here are 7 ways to move toward the shift within and begin to celebrate YOU in  new amazing ways in only 7 days!
Relax MORE; Stress LESS!! Stress kills!

Some of the most common ailments like digestive issues, insomnia as well as depression and hypertension can be directly attributed to being over stressed. Stress interferes with our ability to live a joyful life and robs us of our energy and vitality.

There are two types of stress: Eu-stress, which helps us get to the airport on time and to move thru our day on task and target and DIS stress…which causes lack of ease in our body/mindscape and moves us toward dis-ease.

This lack of ease is rampant today as we are working harder and harder to obtain success, yet at what price does this “success” come to us and whose level of success are we striving for?

For many years I was anxious and depressed. I bounced between the two extremes and was desperate for something, anything that would give me a sense of fulfillment.

I was working 50 hrs a week! I was trying to get promotion after promotion and to fit into the “corporate” structure. I was sinking deeper and deeper into financial and physical ruin! I was a square peg trying to stuff myself into “their” round hole. I was miserable and I didn’t even realize it!

It wasn’t until a friend of mine told me, very frankly and lovingly, that I was spiraling out of control and that what I was telling myself about myself was the main cause of my stress and strife and that if my life was going to change I had to change!

She was right. I was 35lbs overweight, depressed and living a life that was out of control!

From that realization I began to awaken to some new True Truths and here are 7 Truths l use every day some 30 years later. Thank you so much to that friend who had the courage to speak truthfully to me and helped me wake up!

I began to “language” my life differently and quickly recognized how important the language of our life is. What we say to our self, and others, matters deeply because everything is a vibration that must be matched. So if you are getting the same tired shit over and over begin again NOW! Simple? Yes! Easy? NO!

1.It ALL begins with breath! Those of you who have taken my Signature Course “Simplicity of Spirituality” know the Breath work practice is our foundation practice:  To become aware we are breathing and to release tension with BREATH.  This simple pracitce will help us move away from the stress response toward the relaxation response, a powerful place to dwell.

When we live in the stress response we are uncomfortable we have a lack of ease.

try this:

Exhale with a deep sigh, now take a breath and allow yourself to-RELAX by focusing on the exhalation. Make the exhalation a bit longer than the inhalation before it.

Let the quality of our breath be deep and expansive, effortless. Our Breath is our first gift from God and the most important tool to choose.  Relax more and stress less.  Begin to incorporate  3 mini stillness breaks each day. Each micro meditative break will last 90 seconds each. See Daily Grid relaxation reboot from this link.

2. HYDRATE! What if you are NOT sick you but thirsty? Did you know that more than 20 common complaints that send many to the doctor’s office are a result of dehydration? Hydration is key to creating buoyant health! It will unload toxins in our bodies and to begin to clean up our inner landscape.

Water is essential in all of our life functions! And our brain is bathed in water. If we want to have “better brain behavior” we must hydrate throughout our day every day! (you can catch the replay or Better Brain Behavior from my “on the air” page above)

Drink 1L of clean pure water for every 50 lbs of body weight, quickly you will re balance your body and increase your energy. You will feel less achy, have fewer headaches, digest and use your food better, and generally make better choices. Water is our second most important gift from Source.

If you are having trouble getting enough water put your daily amount in a beautiful pitcher. You can place your intentions on the pitcher with a label of Love, success or health and the water will take on those vibrations; drink that amount throughout your day. Based on the work by Dr. Imoto; water takes on our intentions! We can Supercharge our water with this simple technique and allow all the molecules to work for us.







3. Movement! Move more and feel better. Moving our body increases our breath and our body loves it. Without movement we are stagnant! If we are stagnate we are not creating a life we love and accessing today’s level of success!

Get UP! Get OUT and Move your body. Begin with moving 90 seconds every hour you are awake! That adds 20+ minutes of movement each day in addition to your regular movement routine.

Take a walk, dance, march in place, do a series of Sun Salutations, skip, hula hoop, jump rope, or do our “power moves” series I share with my clients  and hold each for that 90 seconds, every hour. (we discuss these in the coaching programs)

One thing I love to do is to take the dogs around the yard! We start upstairs, run the 3 acres and back upstairs, it’s great for all of us and it takes only a few minutes each hour.

Afterward drink a full glass of water. This is a great way to increase your movement and your hydration each day. You will quickly feel even better and be enhancing your daily practice. Endorphans are released, toxins are sweat out and well-being improves.

4. Gratitude will raise your latitude! The quickest way toward happiness is the daily practice of gratitude. What does that mean? When we invite gratitude into our life we feel better, quickly. Here is how you can begin your gratitude practice.

Journal each evening 5 things you are grateful for. This tiny teaching has huge results! I began to use appreciation daily about 20 years ago and I have been counting my blessing every day since then. (based on the book “simple abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach).

I love to either write or describe what I am grateful for and it always shifts my perception toward becoming more content with where I am and moves me toward joyful anticipation of what other wonderful things, people and situations to be thankful for.

Try it for the next 7 days. Really focus each evening on the beautiful things that happened to you each day, sleep upon them, awaken and allow more things to appreciate to open up for you. It becomes a beautiful cycle. We always get what we expect! Expect good things and be grateful when they show up.

5. Creating the daily ritual.
Many cultures still use a daily ritual for living a life that is directly connected to something greater than themselves. Ritual is “righting the energy”. It may be something as simple as lighting a candle, praying, meditating or something as elaborate as initiations for honoring life’s mile stones.

Imagine how you would like to begin to create ritual for yourself and your family. (join me for the inner realm series where we learn the tools for creating powerful light rituals)

Are you starving for connection, real connection? This longing is a natural Soul expansion and we all experience it.  Creating  ritual is one way we connect to the energy and begin to feel know our higher self. We recognize our important part in the wonderful web of all life and see we aren’t disconnect at all! We matter and we now have a mission to express our True Purpose on a grander stage. Are you ready? (as a life coach this is my passion to help you begin to unveil within your Purpose thru Peace of mind and access True Prosperity!)

6. Imagination is more important than knowledge Einstein shared. One of the great MINDS shared this simple wisdom, yet we have turned our imagination practice over to technology. Today let’s bring back imagining how we want life to be, not dwell on how it actually IS, unless you are willing to get more of the same.

A simple visualization practice is: close your eyes, take a breath and see, feel it, know it. All is well, I AM healthy, happy, and grateful. What does this look like for you? What does it feel like? Hold that for 90 seconds and then run it down to the core of the earth and ground yourself in this feeling. Use that feeling as the anchor for your desires as you move through your day, each day.

Before you go to sleep at night make sure to revisit your dreams and desires and hold them as if they are already manifested. Then rest and restore for the night while holding this greater vision for yourself, and others!

7. Choose HAPPY! Did you know that there is no way to happiness and that happiness IS the way? This ancient teaching is how I began to move myself from very depressed toward very content with my life!

Happy is a mindset and a belief system that boosts our immune system and will allow us to have more resilience when life gets tough, and it will, but we have a series of steps here that will help us move thru those times with grace and gratitude and  quickly restore our peace of mind and well-being.

The choice for happiness can be achieved with a couple of energy tweaks. Of course as I stated above those who live with appreciation and gratitude are more content in their life and able to move the measure of their success more easily too. By using these tools we will have more satisfaction with where we are and who we are becoming. Life isn’t static, and our dis satisfaction usually comes from getting the same results over and over.

Our happiness can and will increase by shaking it up on a regular basis and keeping our mind moving and expanding. Continuing to learn and experience new and different things!


Often we get caught up in what happened in the past or are worrying what will happen in the future. The choice for happiness means be in present-time consciousness or to “be here now.” As Ram Dass teaches.

Be of service. When we offer a kindness to others our happiness meter spirals upward. Donate your time or make a monetary donation or give away something to someone in need and see how you feel.

When we offer a kindness it releases serotonin. We automatically feel better; but what is even more amazing is that the person who receives our kindness will feel better AND anyone who witnesses our random act of kindness also has the same serotonin hit. Pay it up!!

Fuel your body, your mind and your soul each day. These simple teachings are food and fuel for the whole system. You already are Divine perfection? What if loving yourself just as you are now will cause you to move more gracefully toward who you are becoming?

These 7 steps can be used every day and will create the frequency needed to create a lifestyle habit moving forward. We see and feel our self as successful in all we are choosing each moment of each day. We are “responding with ability” and taking full responsibility for exactly where we are;  grateful for what we have and make the choice to create something even better!

The only way to heal is to become awake, aware and allow for something greater to manifest. By using these tools and our meditation, or spiritual practice we are practicing Kaizan also known as Constant Improvement.

This is how we heal every challenging situation encounter in life. So begin again, now, this moment, this breath and believe yourself  healed, whole and blessed.

When we move from this point of view we are  powerful; we are moving beyond the stress response into the relaxation response and life just gets better no matter what we are experiencing, it is not always easy; but it is simple.

Don’t wait. Make today the day you take your power back and choose again, and again.

Please Join Me for some Expert Life Coaching from the comfort of your own home! I would love to go deeper with you into these alternative thoughts and help you continue to Ascend and Access your Success, Simply! Call to book your next trio of teachings!

Thank you for your time and energy and share this with like minded people willing to ascend.

With love and light!
Lisa Giroux
Your Wellness Coach and Success Mentor
Celebrating ALL of you!

When Frustration and Overwhelm Cause you to say “I Quit!”

aarrgghhOn this journey we are so blessed to experience the full realm of emotions! Recently I went through my own personal revolt against all the technoglamdistraction…as I like to call navigating my online world. So I quit!! I dumped my list, I dumped my VA (sorry Stephanie) and I went into tantrum mode! And it felt fantastic, for the moment.

I realize my area of expertise is not in the realm of technology; yet I have to navigate through it if I am to communicate my message and continue to build an online business. I think it is all the “jargon” and all the hip lingo on all of the new apps and plugins and tools and settings and appearances and themes that throws this ADD brain into overwhelm causing me to collapse and…quit!

I relish the days when I could write a simple doc and send it through my email site…oh can I still do that? No! No one is reading on a computer any more. So I hire a team and have to explain my work, what it means and go thru the process of making it compelling and exciting and now with video….its too much!!

So this old fashioned wellness coach and spiritual mentor had to take a pause. A pause is good for the mind. I had to quit, rethink, re access, and begin again…

I had to rethink the importance or lack of importance of the work I want to do. I had to get even more clear on my desire to share this information for the benefit of transformation and realize I had to gain clarity of mission and message and take only baby steps and gently, again ascend the scale of technology.

I know this becomes about my own practice of commitment and discipline…aarrgghh…and again get back to the clarity of purpose. Why do I want to be a Wellness Coach and Spiritual Mentor; because it matters. This information IS important! And as The Divine Living God Cosmos Photons aka Artin Panosyan the Worlds Greatest Mystic that ever lived says-“They need you, You must do your work.” So here I am again. Rehired as your wellness coach and spiritual mentor, hoping you will join me and persevere beyond  limited beliefs toward purpose and change the world.

Back to the basics: meditate, hydrate, motivate, appreciate-thank you!

Then I put on my Goddess Garb and danced and I danced….I’m Back Baby!!

Its time for YOU-now!

enjoy this 15 minutes of solace, just for you!!


As I have said our summers are short; but so sweet and we are headlong into our Fall swan dive. As I sit here the leaves are quickly donning Autumn Yellow so the prep is ON too. From lolling around and enjoying some grand hiking to seeing Hun fish on a lot.

I am here to talk about how we can get back to our sweet spot and harvest all the genius we have been cultivating during the Coyote’s rollicking season. We have to get on task quick; as the school buses are out again and little minds are being expanded in all the right ways! So how will you expand your mind with that brief free time when you get to be you again, if only for one minute or 90 seconds.

Enjoy this FREE audio body meditation. I suggest first thing in the morning or last thing in the eve before you retire to restore beautifully.

Back to it now!!

The Ancient Gift of the Blessings

The Gift of the Three Blessings

by Rev. Lisa Giroux

Pathways to Peace, Purpose and Prosperity



What a blessing it is to live in the mountains of Colorado. Our Summer Season is short, stunningly beautiful, with bright blue skies and green mountain meadows. The days are warm and the nights chilly. Every Summer Solstice I have mixed emotions as I enjoy the frequency of dynamic sunlight. I dance with delight in the Dandelions, and silently mourn as they turn their puffy white knowing the light is fading.

This Solstice I chose to do a meditation and Labyrinth walk with another Spiritual Teacher. It was a bright, beautiful sunny morning as we meditated on our own compassion and mindfully walked the labyrinth. Afterward I stopped for a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone that I thoroughly enjoyed while sitting under the beauty of a Lilac bush that was in full purple display and appreciated all the sights, scents and sounds of summer feeling fully connected and very blessed.

Summer is a great time to reconnect to the earth and prepare for the coming harvest. In spring we plant our seeds of intention and watch with wonder as they come to fruition, as “trees bend with ripening fruit” We are that ripening fruit, when we connect  to all the frequencies and vibrations of the Divine. To perceive this connection is too a blessing.

Without connection we are flaky, flighty, fearful and unable to reach toward our potential. We move without confidence or purpose. Across the globe we are sorely lacking this connection, and this lack is seen in the “pockets” of chaos that are now exploding and expanding in all directions as the reset continues.

One way we can move toward connection and regain our confidence and balance is to perform ritual, or righting of the energy. One of my regular rituals to use “The Ancient Gift of the Blessings” It is a teaching that originated from the wisdom of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Gift of the Blessings is a way to clear our frequency of the negative energies that have become trapped within each of us and cause chaos in our mind and body. Learning to use it regularly will melt away these negative frequencies and restore our balance and our connection to all that IS.

Use it anytime. The more we use it the clearer we become. It is simple, powerful and effective.

The first blessing is for all who suffer. Those who have been devastated by earthly disasters, manmade horror, political confusion, or their own warped mind. We bless them for their suffering.

The second blessing is for those energies and entities that cause the suffering. They are the perpetrators. They are those who have not come to this planet to weave light or have been damaged by others. They continue to vibrate in dark places and spaces. They who have chosen pain and suffering for themselves and inflict it upon others. They are corrupt and we bless them. Maybe we bless them most for their suffering and the suffering they cause. We are not excusing bad behavior we are transmuting it for the benefit of all.

The third blessing is for our self . It is for those of us who are sensitive in nature and need to unload the frequency of the horror we witness. Whether it is on the news, in our home, in our schools, or in our own minds. We Bless our self profoundly and repeatedly for what we have witnessed and let it go. We will know we have released this suffering when we feel the shift in our own vibration.

Before I gave up TV I would bless those images on the screen of people in the throes of chaos and crisis, blessing them, the perpetrators or causes of the crisis and myself for witnessing. It gave me the power to detach, strengthen my own frequency and restore my peace of mind.

Without peace of mind we cannot witness peace on earth. Please try this powerful tool to help you rebalance your sensitivities toward the love and light and minimize the damage caused by the images and experiences we are exposed to everyday.

Life is a beautiful walk!

With this practice we become strengthened because of our empathy for all beings. Our compassion expands for others AND our self. As the Buddha said: “If our compassion does not include our self it is incomplete.”

Part of our journey is to be complete and connect each day. Not a fractured frequency contaminating the collective with our own dysfunction. We are here to heal and be healed and thru our daily Simple Practice we do.

Thank you so much for your time. I am wishing you love and light throughout your journey. Continue to be Divinely Guided, Directed, Protected and Effective in all you choose to do as we continue to bring about the shift toward the Light. Namaste, Lisa

BEING WELL: First Step to Wellness

What is well-being? It is our natural state of being promoted by relaxation and peace of  mind. These two factors add up to buoyant health and feeling fantastic. Attaining and maintaining well-being is as simple as recognizing the stress within your life and knowing which stress is “healthy” stress and which is unhealthy.

Eustress is a beneficial type of stress and it is the type that gets us to the airport on time; causes us to meet deadlines and get and A on an exam.

Distress is detrimental to our health both physically and mentally, and is like a five alarm fire raging within our body wrecking  havoc within. Over time we become unaware we are even under this duress and our physical and mental health suffers. We may sabotage everything important with angry out bursts and eventually become chronically depressed both in our mind and in our immune function causing chronic illness like heart disease, auto immune dysfunction and even cancer

Today we choose to be peaceful first. When we choose, thru our daily practice, to attain and maintain our peace of  mind, no matter what, we respond better to life. We have the ability to respond to the daily ups and downs; and move toward function, even in the midst of crisis we are responding with ability.

Breath Better! As you know, if you have studied with me in Simplicity of Spirituality, our breath-work practice is the foundation of all other choices we make each day. In this culture we are shallow, clavicle breathers. What this means is we are not really expanding our belly when we breath drawing breath down into our body.

What happens with chronic clavicle breathing is the stress response is turned ON! This stress response is what begins the domino effect toward destroying our peace of mind and our health. Think about the last time you had an anxious moment. The breath comes in shallow rapid cycles. The brain is screaming for oxygenation which causes more anxiety and we continue this almost panting…until someone says snap out of it! Take a breath and we sigh, reset the diaphragm with a deep expansive breath and immediately begin to feel better.

Watch this cycle of breath now. Exhale fully….and reset the diaphragm…now you have the space for a deep, belly breath….hold for a moment and let that go. Repeat! You are now on your way to creating relaxation. Thru daily practice our relaxation meter increases and our stress begins to dissipate and we are creating well being, simply.

I hope you will join me this Wednesday evenings beginning May 6th at 6PM MST for this new 3 part FREE teleseries on creating better and better health. [Read more…]

Spring has Sprung! Travel light and release the grief


Welcome SPRING! and thank you to all who came for the open house
at the New Wellness Zone!!
We had a wonderful time with a powerful healing, drumming circle and
some wonderful fellowship after!
This new space is beautiful and I am grateful to have such an amazing
place in which to create.
As Winter subsided the wisdom that came thru was “Traveling Light” and
that will be the theme for Spring. We are giving away all that no longer
is for our best and highest good.
We release our fear, struggle, addiction to drama, relationships and work
that does not offer us all we really really want, need and desire.
The questions we ask our self in our meditation is WHERE in my body
am I reacting to this? And just be the witness, breath in, be fully conscious
and let it go.
Too simple? If you believe life is not simple and beautiful keep letting go and
stepping into the true, truth of who you are becoming, not who you have been,
or who they told you to be, or who you think you should be, but the TRUE YOU.
This true you is living happy, healthy and grateful. IT is possible, no matter what is
occurring it is called MINDSET, and you always get to choose.
Moving from Winter and the time of transition can leave us in Grief for the
way things used to be. We give away so much in this life; and is the natural
order of things; but grief can be all consuming and we must release grief to
get to relief.
Are you grieving the loss of a mate, job, friend, your youth? That is ok. It is really
ok and the more you sit with this grief the more you free yourself from the chains
that bind you to it.
This ability to “Travel Light” comes with the promise that all will be revealed and
given, actually it has all already given, we just hold this position of resistance and
So believe, NOW in your self and how you are on the path exactly where you
are meant to be. Remember you are beautiful, powerful, dynamic and Worthy
of great things.
Move beyond the small mind to the MIND of all and open up to what else is possible
and probable for you now based upon how connected you are at this moment in time
where we are creating, manifesting something even more beautiful!
This is LIFE and we are living healthy, happy, grateful, no matter what!
Join me for this new teaching “Traveling LIGHT”
This is a 3 part 90 minute phone coaching call on letting go and stepping into
the new vision of our self. where we  are seeking relief in our body, mind and spirit as
we clear the clutter, detox your mind and body and call in what we  want, really want we
will be discussing the Grief process as part of this call and how to continue
to heal our wounded places and move to healing spaces.
Class 1: What it IS- as we get crystal clear on exactly where we are now. How does
our breath impact the health of our mind, body and spirit? Movement and breath
go hand in hand as we talk about the chemical reactions that occur when we are breathing
class 2: NOURISHMENT and its importance on how we feel. When we feel good we feel God
and are on track. How you breath, hydrate and nourish yourself each day will impact
how you feel in your day. Top 10 foods and how to prepare will be discussed!
class 3: CELECBRATION! part of our practice is learning to let go. We will create the
space for peaceful release of all that we are grieving. This will allow us to see where
we want to go. We have created the space for true release by nourishing our practice,
renewal in our body, mind and soul. NOW we can let go and move on with the business
of living and traveling light.
Please call to get on the call
my NEW number is 719.293.4157
This teaching is only 97$ and includes the
work/playbook pages to help you get
the MOST of this Powerful teaching
and you will get a copy of the recordings.
We are here to support you and help you
get to where you are going faster, and further
than you ever imagined!! TRAVEL LIGHT it is
the easiest way to flow!
Here’s to your Unique Self!
With Love,
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Rev. Lisa Giroux
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Being well is key to enjoying LIFE!
Live happy, healthy, grateful! Simply8-)
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STOP the Complaining! and Start Living and Loving Better

Wonderful wishes to each of you today, this day, right now where life IS happening!

I often wonder what the frequency of complaining does to our energy field and how often
we complain without even realizing we are complaining. It has become the way we express
and becomes our experience.
Three of the most devastating frequencies are:
Each of these will keep us locked in a pattern of recreating over and over experiences we don’t want!
We have to move toward keeping our thoughts upon what we WANT!!
So often we have  big dreams, dazzling imaginings of how life is supposed to be. We have rules
about how it is supposed to go and we go down swinging if anyone tries to dissuade us from our comfort
zone or even dare suggest we may be swimming up stream when going with the flow
is simpler!
If we are living with a rigid association of how things should be; when they don’t go that way we are
devastated and feel deflated, defeated as if we have lost our way.
Research shows  the shift toward a neutral position is one that is most emotional boosting
and can give us a greater sense of our own potential and keeps us more emotionally stable than
the other way of clinging to out mode ways of being.
How do we make this shift to neutral? And is this lowering our expectations and are we just giving up and
choosing to live a life of low morale?
NO!! We should have delicious dreams and visions for our self; however we temper it with the calm detachment
of witnessing life, as it is happening from the neutral position.
we do not allow  our self to get too wrapped up in
all the drama that usually goes along with total attachment to outcome!
I know people who still bitch, moan and complain about the weather and are devastated when it “rains on their parade”
yet those with the neutral detached approach will be the one to offer to share their umbrella with you! This neutral
position regarding life keeps us more prepared for all the twisty, turny, ways the road of life can shift.
We become the person who simultaneously prepares for the best of life; yet knows to bring that umbrella, just incase! This
attitude causes us to feel more competent because sure as the sun will shine some day; STUFF will happen again and again.
Pain IS inevitable; suffering IS optional
If we are complaining we are NOT being grateful! If we are NOT grateful we are not living our potential, our purpose and we are off our pathway
to peace of mind, well being and vibrant living! Lets manage our inner dialog and move toward being grateful and at peace with
the reality of our life so we have the energy and the frequency for creating something better!
I would love to help you attain this position of power that IS the Shift to neutral. Let yourself not be defeated nor inflated by life’s
ways. Be the ever diligent witness to this process of life.
Witness where in your frequency you are stuck! Love it to the Light and Let it go, again and again.
With love and light, bliss and joy!
Rev. Lisa Giroux
Energetic Life Strategist
Empowering you for your LIFE:-)
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Food Frenemy for LIFE?

Delightful day to each of you today! I am believing we are shifting towards peace of mind and peace on earth each day with our
primary thoughts and beliefs!
Food what a wonderful frequency for most of us; yet it has a great negative charge as well, especially as the Holidays near!
How much time do you spend worrying about what to eat?
Worrying about how to buy, prepare and serve?
What is food that truly nourishes you and your family?
Before we jump into this OH so busy, happy, Holiday season I hope you will join me for
my new series of teachings on:

Food: Frenemy for LIFE!

I will be sharing my story and the stories of others about food, family, function and fun! So we can enjoy, fully, our
commitment toward nourishment!
It is not easy to make this shift; but it is simple!

Be looking for the info for the LIVE FREE Webinar
Bring a friend! Get a gif

And all month before I take off in December I will be
sharing some Powerful Food IS Medicine teachings
on the radio show!

Today at 11am MST at:

Last week we did the Cupboard Clearing!
and began by reading all the labels in our pantry
we incorporated the Grace Of Gratitude practice
and are drinking more water!

NOw that we are cleared OUT-HOW do we fill back up with
something better?

Join me today for this POwerful energetic strategy about FOOD! Frenemy for LIFE!

11am mst

Rev. Lisa Giroux
Energetic Life Strategist
Empowering you for your LIFE:-)

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Nourishing the NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR

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Following the Moon 10.23


It is the frequency of the new moon that causes us to begin again! And here it is with the new moon in Scorpio and coincides with the Lunar Samhain, the time where we are dipping into the darkness of the season. How do we choose to enhance further our practice and our Power? It is only thru our continuing practice that we find our Truth, our Power and our True Purpose! This purpose can seem so very far away, yet we know we are on task and on target because we are reading all the signs and seeing, clearly, the symbols that source is always sending…are we receiving becomes the question!
So often we forget about the restoration that as women is so very important. Our Yin energy needs to be honored with our personal time outs and these time outs can be in the form of our sitting, walking, breathing and bathing practices.

Most of the women I encounter are frazzled. They are over committed and under appreciated. They have a to do list that is pages long yet they are really not accomplishing anything other than…over committing.
I believe this desire to be all things to all beings is detrimental in many ways. We are not taking the time to restore our wisdom and remember why we choose the kids, the career, the home, the marriage, the journey in the first place! Today lets begin again our 21 days to creating better.

Self-love and forgiveness is key. You must love yourself whole now. (be on the call “moving from self-loathing to self-loving next month!) This lack of self-love is at the core of all the societal ills we are witnessing in full force. We are choosing to override and overcome our self with our new found focus and determination toward shift.
Look in the mirror and mantra:
I like myself
I like myself 50-100 times each day…and the mantra I love myself!
We continue to restore and renew with our nourishment! High quality breath, water and food each day. Cut out the crap! Is a new teaching coming in 2015 where we will be looking into what we are filling our body, mind and spirit with! Start today!!

Choose this breath and let it be expansive and circulate within your entire being.
drink more water! Take in 1L for every 50 lbs each day! Be on the call and learn to “supercharge your Water!”
Incorporate more veggies and fruit by starting your day with a “super smoothie” every morning. You can even make it the night before and put it in a togo and grab and GO!! Here is one of my favorites
1c spinach
1 banana
1c blueberries
½ avocaco
Add some cinnamon and cocoa powder and maybe some honey! (not too much)
Add water and blend! You can make this in your blender
Take a 20 minute nap! Even large corporations are recognizing the power of the NAP and 20 mins is all you need; I like to put on my eye mask and my earbuds with some mind expanding music. I always recognize the natural energy dip into delicious nappiness and the increase of energy that allows me to know its time to rock my afternoon!
Take a bath!! Use Epsom salts (more on Magnesium Magic coming in the new teachings!) and essential oils like lavender or orange; both have relaxation and brightening qualities.
Get good sleep. At 51 I am challenged at times with sleep deprivation! Thank fully I have a wonderful nighttime routine that keeps me comfortable, relaxed even if I am not sleeping! This teaching will share how to reset the circadian rhythm and allow you to get the zZZZZZZ’s you desire!
So let’s begin this next 3 weeks with a new desire to Restore and Reclaim our Power so we can create a more amazing life that is truly fulfilling. Living the life we love and leaving the loathing behind!

Stressed Mess? Relax More! Live Better

Stress Kills! And we all know it; however we choose to get sucked in and succumb to the pressures of every day life and if we are not careful we will explode. Literally and figuratively!

This lifetime is filled with stressful events and our ability to manage stress is key. This stress management comes in many forms. Today I address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of being stressed out! You can feel it. The blood rushing thru your ears, heart pounding, muscles tensing, like a cat ready to pounce OR be pounced upon!

That is the problem! You are just trying to get to work and are stuck in traffic. Or you are just trying to make it thru another tedious meeting with a co worker who loves to expound prolifically on all the things you already know!


These are every day stresses  have become magnified so greatly that we are living at what is called the “STRESS RESPONSE.” The stress response is our bodies natural way of fighting or flighting. Usually neither are appropriate; but tell our reptilian brain that!

Our body is complete with two systems: the sympathetic and the para-sympathetic both are part of the Autonomic Nervous System. These systems  dance beautifully when in balance. Something comes us and our sympathetic system kicks in and we are on the move defending our space, slapping someone’s face and moving out of that place!

The parasympathetic system is what is leading the way when we are in what is called the “RELAXATION RESPONSE.” It is in charge of digestion, and elimination. So important if we are to take in food, assimilate and keep what will nourish the body, and eliminate, get rid of all those toxins!

It is the “rest and digest” portion of our nervous system. I find that when people who are not eliminating every day they are more stressed and not digesting food properly. This leads to a whole other host of stresses for our body.

The relaxation response is how we rest fully and restore our body to balance and is the benefit of our daily practice of breath, gratitude, self love, connection, movement and nourishment.

When we are ruled by the stress response we are both tired and wired. Our adrenals begin to shut down and we can not, no matter how we try, relax and enjoy our life.  We are constipated, unable to eliminate not just the byproducts of our body; but stuck in jobs we hate, relationships that don’t feed us, and soon we are wondering why our blood pressure is sky high and we are rapidly aging.

The pressures of life continue to mount and soon we are at a crisis! But fear not!! A crisis is a “dangerous opportunity” will you heed the call today to begin to feed your parasympathetic system and restore balance within and witness life getting better?

Of course we use our simple practice! Breath, gratitude, self love, connection-where we are incorporating 3-90 second breath work moments in our life-every day!

1. Increase  hydration!  Drink 1-liter of water for every 50lbs of weight AND don’t forget to supercharge your water with your intentions!

2. Move!! 90 seconds of movement every hour we are awake! Just stand and stretch!! You will immediately feel better!!

3. Decrease sugar and increase high quality protein!! I will devote a whole week to the Wholeness Practices which includes all about Nourishment!!

4. Take a hot Epsom salt bath every night!  Make it a ritual with candles and you can use lavender oil for more relaxation. The Epsom salts are high in magnesium which is nature’s nervene. It promotes relaxation of the body and of the veins and arteries. It is impossible to get as much as we need, as we are highly deficient as a society, orally. And a bath is a great way to connect to yourself, your spouse and or your Source!

5. Switch OFF the technology at 6pm! NO more emailing, texting, or interneting!! The blue screen of our technology stimulates the sympathetic system and is devastating to our sleep cycle! If you haven’t gotten it done by 6pm leave it until tomorrow!! Enjoy the company of the people in the same house/room as you!!

6. Get to bed by 10pm!! The most beneficial sleep is between 10pm and 2am! Especially for women! We must rest, restore our hormonal balances between these times. If not our endocrine system continues to be stressed and at some point it is impossible to re balance this on our own.

7. Sleep in a dark room! No TV, no computer! Dark means dark! I use an eye mask! This helps with the distribution of Melatonin- a key component in deep, restorative sleep.

8. Practice the sympathetic/parasympathetic re-balancing technique:

And most important be kind today! To yourself and everyone else.

With Gratitude and Joy,