Hit the Refresh Button on LIFE Telesummit Replay

http://www.hittherefreshbuttononlife.com/lisa-giroux/ It was my great pleasure to be a part of the Hit the Refresh Button led by Steve Garvin. Enjoy this replay and share it with like minded individuals! Thank Steve so much for creating this wonderful program! It was a blast! Let me know what you think and Curious? Check out MORE here!

Alternative Answers: Meditate! Feel better! Live Better

Can meditation improve your life? The information is now clear, YES, meditation will improve your life in every way possible. It is an amazing ancient technique and has always been a way to manage our human responses to living. Will you join me and be willing to learn to meditate Curious? Check out MORE here!

Moving into Mastery: 7 ways to Greater Health, Happiness and Wealth

Moving into Mastery: 7 ways to greater Wellness, Happiness, and YOUR Power to Prosper! What is an important gift you can give yourself? The gift of living a stress free life you LOVE! Here are 7 ways to move toward the shift within and begin to celebrate YOU in  new Curious? Check out MORE here!

When Frustration and Overwhelm Cause you to say “I Quit!”

On this journey we are so blessed to experience the full realm of emotions! Recently I went through my own personal revolt against all the technoglamdistraction…as I like to call navigating my online world. So I quit!! I dumped my list, I dumped my VA (sorry Stephanie) and I went Curious? Check out MORE here!