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Coocoo for Coconut Oil!

Energetic Life Strategies Mind Body and Beyond Rev. Lisa Giroux www.lisagiroux.com 719.839.0461   April 17, 2014   I...

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Under the Beautiful Grandmother Blo...

Welcome "Grandmother Moon" and a powerful blood moon to boot. I was able to enjoy the eclipse energy and had my crystals out, super charged "moon" wat...

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YOUR Brilliance IS Showing! 3 Ways ...

What is Brilliance? Well for me it is a wonderful word that I love to use in describing many things and many ways of being in this world. I remember m...

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Be Encouraged Today! If not Today w...

  We are choosing to live life fully present and witness our wonder each day as we continue to go within and witness this amazing journey. Yet...

Coocoo for Coconut Oil!

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April 17, 2014


I love the coconut oil! You may say I am “nuts” for coconut oil and I use it for many, many things in my home. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride, and contains lauric acid, what this means for you is it is anti-inflammatory, increases metabolism, raises HDL or good cholesterol, feeds the brain, and is a great inner lubricant.

Coconut oil has  been used in tropical paradises all over the globe for millennia, we are now fortunate to be able to procure this precious oil no matter where we live allowing this long held secret to benefit us. This oil has a rich sumptuous flavor and is enjoyable in many different ways; you can use it every day and have the benefits work for you!

Recent studies have shown that coconut oil may help with brain cognition because of its beneficial fat content. Beneficial fats are quickly getting the recognition and respect they deserve because of their health affirming properties especially regarding brain behavior as studies have shown increasing cognition and slowing down dementia  (see Doctoroz.com)

Around the home I slather coconut on toast, put it  in smoothies, baking, all my sauteeing and more. I keep some in the bath for skin and hair care, and I practice oil pulling. Oil pulling is an Ayurveda practice of swishing oil in the mouth for up to 30 minutes. It is also practiced in many different cultures with the oil of the region. I use 1t of coconut oil and swish for as long as I can. Then spit it out. What this does is pulls out the toxins and bacteria in the mouth promoting a cleaner mouth.

On the skin it really helps with high altitude living. It is  antioxidant rich and is high in vitamin E which have skin protective properties. I use it every day and night on my skin and in my hair. It leaves both skin and hair feeling luxurious because of the high emollient content and deeply moisturizes both.  The body will absorb the antioxidants also promoting more beautiful skin.

Under the Beautiful Grandmother Blood Moon

moon glow first full moon of new ageWelcome “Grandmother Moon” and a powerful blood moon to boot. I was able to enjoy the eclipse energy and had my crystals out, super charged “moon” water; drummed, danced and delighted under beauty of that Divine lunar energy.

During our Powerwoman’s Brunch on Sunday; we recognized our power to create something wonderful thru the full moon energy; we are choosing to continue to open up our peace of mind, well being and better daily practice and hold that space of love, not fear, about the energetic shifts Mother Earth continues to make.

We witness and recognize Peace on earth thru choosing Peace of mind each day. Surrendering those illusions, the “lunacy” so much of the planet are subscribing to by standing in our compassion, comfort, consent and creating a “conspiracy” of like minded souls to surround our self with. Letting all the rest go!

The full moon energy today calls for ceremony, for ritual! How will you create ceremony today? Our daily rituals matter and keep us connected to the Divine, Source, Universe, God force and we can create a new ritual by following our intuition.

In this culture many of us do not have the old traditions to follow; and we are longing for it. We mask it with a million tiny distractions, This longing is something within us we are all able to relate too. By creating Simple Ritual-thru our Simple Practice we begin to soothe that longing and open up to something greater, mysterious, yet very much known and recognizable.

Stay open to your Power, Speak your Truth, kindly, allow Source to flow to you and thru you right at this moment in time where this life is happening.

I welcome you sharing your Simple Ceremony of the full moon today

YOUR Brilliance IS Showing! 3 Ways We can unfold our Brilliant Nature

What is Brilliance? Well for me it is a wonderful word that I love to use in describing many things and many ways of being in this world. I remember my “brilliant” Irish friend “Mad Misch” She use brilliant to describe everything. The way we skied, played, drank, laughed were all met with her heavy Irish broag “oh Chaz, that’s brilliant!” and I believed her!

As we mature, as we gain wisdom we are becoming more brilliant! We are gaining light in our body thru our frequency and our vibration. We are shining stars in our world and to the people in our lives, if we choose. Or we can continue to be dull, dull, dull!

I remember my mother describing a man as beige…I asked why beige? She said Oh you know, just beige. She was speaking of someone who may not have been witnessing his own brilliance! How often do we just go thru life being beige and are fearful to shine our light.

As many of you know I had a bit of a problem with substances! Fifteen years without alcohol now; but for a time the drugs and alcohol really worked. They let me access, simply, what was already there. The problem occurs, however, because the substances take over and completely dull us, and some of us for life.

So why do we find our Brilliance so uncomfortable? Why are we not supporting and encouraging our little ones to express their brilliant nature, naturally and for a life time?

Well fear, of course, and ego too. Often times our dreams were squelched because our parents want to “protect” us from the cruelty of the world. But what if the squelching of these dreams is the cruelest act of all and if we were all supported in our brilliance we could shift the entire planet!

So how do we remember our brilliant nature? well SIMPLY of course. It becomes a journey of 100,000 breaths, and a journey of new belief that it IS possible!!

So hang on! Here we go, GOING within to where it is all happening.

The 3 steps toward our Brilliance!

step 1: In order to expand toward our brilliance we MUST cultivate our peace of mind practice! I call this the “Simple Practice” and it promotes “better brain behavior” With better brain behavior thru our simple practice we have a better life experience! So this is our FOUNDATION practice of breathwork or meditation. The simple practice begins with 3-90 second mini meditation periods. Each day, everyday, from now on.

Begin by getting comfortable. Spine straight.  Close your eyes. Automatically our brain begins to produce the Alpha waves that cause relaxation-JUST BY CLOSING OUR EYES!

 Breath with awareness IN, expand the belly, OUT, contract the belly. That is it. Thoughts will come, thoughts will go, just watch the thoughts, do not become attached to any, just continue to let go with each exhalation. That is it!

Step 2: Imagine yourself as successful in all you are choosing todo. “Imagination is MORE important than knowledge” Einstein taught. What happened to that amazing gift of using our imagination?  In these mini-meditation periods we are holding a vibration of success in all we are wanting. As I taught in my “Spiritual Success” (download it for free from the website!) teaching we are seeing, believing, and FEELING ourself as successful.

What is success? Well it is anything we want and we act as if it alreadyIS! We are sending out this success message into the Universe where it is matched, always, and then we align to it thru feeling the frequency of what it is and then we have to take the time to receive it. This time is during our meditation/breathwork/being practice.

Perceive the energy within you.  It may be gentle waves, maybe colors, deep relaxation, comfort, tears, you will know it, anchor yourself to that feeling, this is your Brilliant nature awakening.

Step 3:  BE GRATEFUL! As taught in my foundation program “The Simplicity of Spirituality” Our gratitude practice is the first pillar to our spiritual house. Why gratitude again? Because gratitude is the quickest way to feel better and the chemical response by the body to our gratitude practice causes us to feel this brilliance. We begin to feel as if all things are possible and we remember this feeling and hold it in our breath practice. It then begins to expand.

Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies we can access on our way to enLightenment. Gratitude is enlightenment and the more grateful we are the more feel good chemicals we will release causing better brain behavior, causing us to feel better, think better, experience better and give us a glimpse into our own personal Brilliance! It is simple-will you choose?

So begin today, NOW, take this moment: Get comfy, close your eyes, breath thru your energetic channel, release down to the core of the earth, breath back in, up the energetic channel and out to the Universe, breath back in and repeat for 90 seconds. Just be fully present and here, now.

You are on your way to expansion in all ways beneficial!

I would love to help you learn even more teaching, tools and techniques to continue to unfold to you Brilliant Nature.

Call to book your private WHolistic Spiritual Mentoring session TODAYW! the doors and windows of santa fe 3




Be Encouraged Today! If not Today when?


We are choosing to live life fully present and witness our wonder each day as we continue to go within and witness this amazing journey. Yet, at times, we are very discouraged. I hope this video will help you along your way today!



Continue to create the space!

DAY 7:
So now we have created some more space thru weeding out all that is no longer serving our greatest good! Offer the gratitude to all those weedie things as you release them from your energetic field.Now what to do with all this new space? Expand into your practice. Today is all about breathing space. Take several conscious breaths right now. Just be aware of the quality of the breath, the amount you can take in…hold that…release a bit more. Make the exhale a tiny… bit longer than the inhale to relax. To increase your energy put your attention and intention the inhale. Breath will get us to all those places we want to go.

Witness this expansion of space in your life, it is the mirror, are there drawers, closest, cars to clean? Just notice how as you create the breathing space within….you create it without. Look around and call it all GOOD!!

Luxuriate in your energetic field. What will you allow in…what will you no longer allow? You strengthen your field thru this awake, aware breath work. You raise your frequency and vibration with each breath.

Now look at your list, goals and intentions. Breath into the list and see it as complete. If there is a place you are stuck; go thru it in your mind, de construct it and see where you can take action today. This week has been a good week to create the framework for the Work that continues. Infinite love and gratitude. Love this moment, love yourself, love others. Breath and be! That is all!!

Four Ways to Find Your Balance

Ok so you’ve gotten off track! It happens. Thru our practice we come back to balance more quickly than in the past and now we can undo the residue that is created by our time out of balance and restore our self, quickly.

We look to the Four Pillars of Practice:

Breath, Gratitude, Self love and Nourishment.

Thru our daily practice we move thru these pillars each day; and often multiple times in a day.

First Pillar is our attention and awareness to our breath, simply. We see our breath as the connection to all that is, was and ever will be and we just begin to breath from this point of connection. We are all desperate for connection; and our aware breath work practice is the link we desire.

Second pillar is the grace of gratitude. Gratitude opens within us a deeper satisfaction with life just as it is and then creates the portal for even better. We are truly grateful for this life, this moment, this breath. This will allow us to feel deeper contentment with life and appreciation appreciates. The more gratitude we feel the more things we will find to be grateful for and we name them daily.

Third pillar is our absolute self-love and self forgiveness practice. We can only love and be loved to the degree we love and accept our self, just as we are right now! We then forgive our self for all the time spend in self loathing beliefs or thoughts or actions. It is this simple. Just have a willingness to love and forgive yourself. Offer yourself the possibility to love yourself just as you are, just for today.

Fourth Pillar is nourishment of body, mind and spirit. Make sure you are eating well, hydrating well, resting well and feeding your mind with the  beautiful  things that will  let your spirit soar. We have to take back control of what we are allowing into our energetic field, into our body, mind and spirit. We feed ourself high quality breath, water, food, experiences, situations and people every day.

This creates the balance we need moving forward creating more satisfaction with our life, simply!

I welcome you comments and look forward to working with you soon. Namaste

The Perfect Chase! What ISN’T Perfect?


Wonderful, lovely day to each of you! Today this day, this moment where life IS happening!
I am so very delighted to be chatting this week about surrendering this notion of perfect! What isn’t perfect can be
a new way to question our beingness. And addressing the Field of energy from this place of recognizing the Divine Perfection
in all things.
It is a challenge to those of us who do not regularly practice; because our density is so great we forget that even
in the darkest, most dank regions of our space, God, Source, Light permeates all things.
Often times we create these patterns of dysfunction that become a challenge to move beyond. We have chosen this
because we are shameful, guilty, angry, bitter, disillusioned, sad…
But if God permeates all things than thru my guilt, shame, anger there must be something perfect within me already and
that heals.
It is our forgiveness practice!! It must be daily. It must be regular and it must be with feeling! Join me this week
for our conversation about Perfect Forgiveness!! (aka the “wabi sabi” of life) :-D
11am mst Tues/Thurs
call in: 760.888.5766


Rev. Lisa Giroux
Life Strategist
Pathways to Peace, Purpose and Prosperity
feel healthier, happier and more abundant! Simply

Seeing the Mystical Everywhere!

Infinite love and gratitude to each of you today! This day! This moment in time where life IS happening! I am wishing you a delightful day as you manage the mundane, at times, in life; but am here to re-remind you that you are an infinite being of light and love and your potential is continuing to expand as you continue go within and witness from this most Powerful place and connect!

Today I was out for a snow shoe and it was, as always, most amazing. I stopped to catch my breath and connected to the sound of silence, with a bit of a bird’s chirp and I was then was graced with a wisp of white over my face as I looked upward at the snow laden trees gently swaying under the most amazing blue sky.

Wow! How amazing it is to be fully present for these beautiful moments of the miraculous moving thru the mundane of merely running the dogs? How much more beautiful it is when we remember all of it  IS Miraculous!

I invite you to take this moment and witness your life thru the lens of the miraculous right now…no matter what is occurring for you.

With Infinite love and gratitude to this journey and  to you, NOW!


An Ode to My Mom



Well as of yesterday I have outlived my mother. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of her transition I see how many times I unsuccessfully sought a Mother in my life. There is no one like our mom and my mom was one of a kind. She was kind, beautiful, wise beyond her understanding, and wonderfully honest.

My mother would speak Truth when needed and encouraged those around her to do better. Our clashes were huge and fiery; but there was always a deep connection that certainly was severed too soon.

I so miss her honesty; even tho at the time I wanted no part of it. I know she took her role as role model for we girls very seriously and she set an excellent example, most of the time!

She was a spiritual seeker, altho she never knew it, she set a wonderful example for me to  begin my own Spiritual journey toward something greater, better and more profound. I am also a seeker and a joyful journeyer even more so without her influence and it has made me stronger and more Powerful without her than I ever would have been with her.

That said. I know there never will be that connection again and I have let all the women I had hoped would love me as my mother loved me off the hook, mostly, and I turn that longing within where somewhere Beverly Ann still resides. Her love lingers, and her wisdom continues to expand the more deeply into practice I go.

Thanks Mom!

Three Ways Kaizan Can Improve Your Life!

What the hell is Kaizan? Kaizan is the practice (yes practice!!) of constant improvement! Who wouldn’t want constant improvement in this life? Often times we make such great progress and we come to a bit of a stand still, sometimes also known as “a dark night of the soul” We are here only to continue to expand! Expansion is all our soul wants to do.

When we hit a plateau, or fall backwards a bit, or we may even fall off the cliff, it is always our practice that brings us back on task and on track!!

Kaizan is the practice of constant improvement and it goes like this:

1. Realize your old ideas and thoughts are holding you back!! Be willing to let them go! Begin to watch your thoughts and replace the old negative ones with POSITIVE ones. It is as simple as that. Lets say you always say…”life is hard” That may be true for you at this moment. What if you were to begin to language. “Life IS amazing” 100 or more times a day?

2. Stop the blame! NO one caused your but YOU! And you can create something else by choosing to do so!! Blame will keep you stuck where you are and keep you locked in repetitive patterns of dissatisfaction. Let that go!! Just release the blame of anything or anyone and take up the mantle of full responsibility for everything.

3. STOP TRYING!! Just be willing for something better, simply. Language you are willing to have life flow easily. Be willing to take time for your practice. Just be willing. Be willing to be sober, clean, healthy, happy…you either will be or not; but the willingness, just the willingness makes the possibility for better much greater than simply trying.

So today just have the willingness for better, simply. See where the practice of Kaizan can help propel you forward so you can tap into the energy and boost your personal satisfaction with life.

I hope you will join me for the “Precious YOU” heartcentered coaching program where we are healing hearts and mending lives one step at a time! Click here