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Find YOUR Voice!

Share Your Message and Master Your Life?

See what A Divine Life Design Session Can Do for you to propel you from hell toward becoming all you can be!

Life Mastery takes time, commitment, a willing spirit and guidance


Is this all there is?-Is one of the most important questions we ask ourself to begin the journey toward creating and designing the life of our dreams. It takes some savvy steps, self reflection and a SOUL-preneur Coach.

  My passion and purpose is to get you to speak up in your life, create more freedom, prosperity and fulfillment in all areas of LIFE.

  • Have you ever thought there HAS to be more to life than this?

  • Have you been longing to do more and have greater freedom in your life?

  • Would you like to make a difference and make more money doing what you love?

  • Do you have that longing for something different; but not quite sure what it is?

  • Do you feel it within something bubbling up within you?

  • Are you itching to Speak YOUR Truth?

  • Do you long to share with others and make a true, profound connection with your message?

  • Would you like to feel better and have more energy each day?

  • Join Us and take the steps needed to FIND YOUR VOICE, Share your message and Make a Difference! and earn your worth.

If you answered yes to any of these, YOU Have a voice that needs to be heard and the time is NOW!! Join Us for this interactive, supportive spiral upward in your LIFE. And my Divine Life Designs can get you back on track to living your life YOUR way. In life we need guidance. I certainly did and the work I have done on my Sacred Journey has proved invaluable in helping me live a most amazing life filled with peace of mind, well being, great health, happiness, fulfillment and joy!

I want to share this information with you so you can use it for life transformation! It isn’t easy; but these tools are simple.

Feel free.
Love what you are doing.
Be abundance!

You get to choose.

Rev. Lisa Giroux,
 A Modern Mystic

Life Mastery Coaching and Soulpreneur Success Series praise5

Lets Have A VERY important conversation and begin the Divine Design work that will move you toward where you really want to go. Ready to let all the rest go?

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