Program Description: Lets have a wonderful chat about YOU and where you are wanting to go!

Lets have a very important chat about YOU! and where you want to go!


Your Choice To Change!

Congratulations and come along on this experiential journey within! How do we begin to shift and why is it important? The choice to shift is the beginning of a life lived wonderfully well. I believe we are capable of life improvement and that is our greatest calling to live our life, our way, authentically with the Divine.

Doubt and worry dissolve. Confidence and courage clear the way and begin to propel us toward our unique pathway to peace of MIND, which opens up to true purpose and that brings about profound abundance and prosperity of great health, contentment and empowerment.

  • Are you ready to release your fear?
  • Are you ready to get to know the real YOU?
  • Are you ready to imagine something even better for yourself, your work, your life?

This is my Foundation Program for Spiritual Success, Guidance, Self Improvement and Development. We are here to truly be our self and the way we do that is to see what others have done and begin to model our life in a new and different way. We are no longer trapped in our negative mindset or swayed by uncontrollable emotions that seem to keep us re-creating hell on earth over and over.

I know! For decades I was locked in negative thinking. I loved my drama. I was depressed and 30lbs over weight. I made everything difficult and a huge production. Not to mention my very addictive personality that kept me self medicating with drugs and alcohol. It wasn’t until one day a friend who I only met briefly in my life told me to STOP saying all those negative things I said like: I am depressed, my life sucks, I am broke…you get the general idea. That was more than 30 years ago and that brief glimpse of myself thru the eyes of someone else sent me on a trajectory toward self awareness and self improvement with a All things spiritual slant!

I realized what I had been getting was not what I wanted; and only I COULD CHOOSE something different and each do I do choose, carefully, how I WANT my life to be!

You also get to choose:

  • how you want this life to be
  • to be peaceful, purposeful and propserous
  • how you want to be in this life
  • who you will associate with
  • how healthy and happy you can be
  • how much you want to weigh
  • how much money you want to make
  • and how successful you can be
  • options in every area of your life
  • to set the a great example for the little ones who are watching all of us all the time

It is the miracle of a positive mental attitude. And if you are clear in your mind about what you really want instead of focusing on all the hell you have created you can begin too to live an extraordinary life-co creating with the Divine. I love to call it Divine Life Design. People with PMA live healthier and happier. Aren’t you worth it? Unfortunately today we are bombarded with negative images and the lowest common denominator has become bad behavior and fear.

We all experience fear; but when we bust thru our blocks and negative beliefs and “do it anyway” we become courageous. WE become our own rescuer and we become powerful. I want that for you, each of you, because a healthy human heals the earth. Isn’t it time for you to drop the drama and declare your self whole and worthy for all of our sake? It is that important and in this teaching we will dive deeply into these mystery school teachings.

There are steps to take and it is my great pleasure to be your guide for your awakening. It is not easy; but it is simple. Why wait another minute. Aren’t your dreams and desires worth searching for? Aren’t you worth being content in all you choose to do and who you choose to be with? I believe each of us is and I am here to cheer you on toward your new beginning to loving who you are becoming.

What would it be like to:

  • ask for what you really want
  • know who you truly are
  • navigate life’s tragedies with Grace
  • STOP griping and complaining and really start living!
  • Choose for yourself
  • realize you are being guided by an energetic frequency that permeates all things

So I am seeking highly motivated people who are ready to invest in themselves to bring about profound shift and life improvement.  Together we co-create better health, more happiness and more abundance each day and rescue YOU!

You can do it and I am here to weave the light for you to see your way. Be blessed and be willing to use this information for transformation! Simply

Namaste, Lisa

Modules at a Glance

  • Week 1: Introduction – Breathing with Awareness. Releasing blockages for overall health and peace. Our practice begins with Breath work. We start simply with awareness of breath. We breath in to our foundation as we imagine we are building our spiritual house. A strong foundation is key. Our foundation is a sturdy place from which to rise up and it will support us thru the stormier aspects of this life; as there will continue to be. Upheaval is a part of the shift and we are now welcoming the peace of mind we gain from our practice even during life’s trials.
  • Week 2: Pillar 1 – Grace of Gratitude Pillars – The Quickest Way to Happiness is thru gratitude and by counting our blessings. Our 1st Pillar is “the Grace of Gratitude” and learn how this Powerful practice is one of the Keystones in our Spiritual House and that gratitude is the quickest way to happiness and higher vibration. This entire teaching causes your vibration to be upgraded after each class and you are required to “practice” weekly with the work book pages that you will be sent. Again there is unlimited access to me thru email and we meet weekly for a 45 minute energetic session to “tweak” your unique practice.
  • Week 3: Pillar 2 – Oneness: Fully Accepting Loving and Forgiving Ourselves.
  • Week 4: Pillar 3 – Tapping into the Universal Energy – Understanding Awareness, Attraction, Alignment and Allowance. Expanding your potential with high vibration thoughts. Your frequency matters! We then move into the Pillars 2,3,4, with our desire to love/forgive ourselves, we begin to see miracles everywhere, we learn the Universal Laws and how to use them for our benefit and then we move into the Pinnacle of our Body, Mind, Spirit practices with lessons on Nourishment of Body, Mind Spirit and infinite mind techniques and how to recognize our “Ethereal team” and how to call upon them to help us!
  • Week 5: Pillar 4 – Sacred Space, Sacred Sound, Sacred Silence. Seeing the holiness in everything from the inside out.
  • Week 6: Understanding Your Healing Chakra System. Examining our energetic system and how it effects our health and our happiness.
  • Week 7: Duality – Light Versus Dark and How to Navigate the Middle Road. Awareness without Attachment. Why is this important to know. Willingness to Practice/Do  something Greater and manage our energy.
  • Week 8: The Miraculous from the Mundane. Each day witnessing miracles. We are miracle making each day as we are going about the daily tasks of living this wonderful life. “Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water”
  • At the end of the 8 weeks you will have a practice in place, a greater awareness of your “inner realm” and how important this is as we believe “so like the inside-so like the outside.” Although this work is very simple, it is not always easy; but the rewards are life altering for the better!
  • as my gift to you I will give you FREE my 3 part audio series called: Spirit Helpers Everywhere: how to connect with your ethereal team and helpers. Help is everywhere but we have to ask. Part of this course teaches how to ask and get what we really want and to feel safe and protected everywhere all the time. This is a $97 value! And it will be delivered to you mid way through this course and is a great companion to your expansion work! Enjoy